The Relationship Between Climate Change and Society

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The climate in the current age appears to be changing. This would come as a surprise to few as the world is unfortunately quite aware of the recent events that indicate this change. The sea level and global temperature are rising. The oceans are warming and the ice sheets are melting. Human inhabitation of the Earth is exponentially reaching new heights. It is an impossible task to say for sure whether the chicken or the egg came first as far as cause and effect go. However, it is undeniable that both the environment and society interact, causing change in both.

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As mentioned, a major factor that plays into the changing environment is the growing population in the world. With exponential increases occurring globally, all areas will be affected in some way, though some will be affected to a greater degree. For example, coastal areas around the globe are undergoing a vast change in this current age. This is due to the shift of civilization towards the coast in the recent era. It is said that almost half of the worlds population resides near the coast at this time. This has led to significant changes in land topography. In order to accomodate the growing coastal population, the land has been shaped to become suited for houses, among other things. It can be argued that this has led to the increase in extreme events, which have vastly occurred on the coast. However, without substantial proof, it can only be said that an interaction exists to some unknown degree.

On the other hand, circumstances exist where the interaction becomes much more apparent. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is a prime example. This is a period of time in New Orleans history where the crime rate had drastically risen and was at a peak. Subject to this particular circumstance, individuals who had previously been crime-free became criminals. Some people were driven to commit murder, while others resorted to robbery. The environment itself had, in this case, greatly affected the lives of many individuals, causing them to react in a way that they would not have done previously. Many other examples of this kind of interaction have occured in the past if you look for the information.

The interaction between society and the environment, as well as the science behind it, is something that is ever-changing. There will always be something to learn for those who are interested. It is clear, though, that we are currently moving in a particular direction.